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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2018 6:00am-6:02am CET

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the trip by airplane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks taking landscape. can experience. seven. years through china starting february twenty seventh. human rights monitors say the syrian government has stepped up its bombardment of a rebel held area near damascus scores have died in eastern guta including nearly eighty people on monday the suburb has been under siege by regime forces for more than four years. i. dozens of washington d.c. teenagers calling for gun reform staged a so-called die in outside the white house they demanded action from lawmakers
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following last week's school shooting in parklane florida that claimed seventeen lives and one of the country's worst mass shootings on record. a peruvian court has ruled that former president alberto fujimori can face trial for his role in the killing of six presidents in one thousand nine hundred two this comes after fujimori recently received a pardon for a twenty five year jail sentence he was serving for corruption and human rights abuses. i knew and he brags that party has launched in britain renew is hoping to capitalize on uncertainty over bragg's it to pressure the u.k. government into stopping the process of leaving the e.u. the party is drawing inspiration from france's governing party.
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in damage control the central bank's governor under investigation for bribery while the u.s. to accuse a lot fewer lender of money laundering. electric dreams come true for the swedish genius behind this huge car why the funding and orders are rolling in. and india's equal rasputin creates a logistics nightmare for couriers some startups and turning to tech to tackle the challenges. time for business use and fun for char that's b.s. anti-corruption agency released them our strengths of each on bail he's the governor of the a central bank and is accused of bribery it's him right they are now the government's been meeting in an emergency session not because of him but it has.


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